Active prototypes of Software Defined Memory (SDM)

With the announcements of new storage-class memory (SCM) based devices, such as Intel & Micron 3D XPoint, HPE & SanDisk memristors, Samsung & Netlist NVDIMM-P and Sony & Viking Technology NVDIMM-N.  The performance characteristics of the NVMs have significally changed, such as  DRAM-like latencies and fine-grain data access. Legacy approaches to access storage and memory impose unnecessary overheads while using the new NVM technologies. The software engineers are currently working on a evolving concept for the convergence of storage and memory system. Software-Defined Memory (SDM) was originally coined in 2014 by SanDisk to describe the new software abstraction to access their SSD and persistent memory devices.  Intel and also proposed their SDM solutions trying to provide agile approach to access storage and memory objects.   Current active prototypes of Software Defined Memory (SDM) includes:


This project actively supported by Fusion-io, Inc.


An start-up.

This project actively supported by Intel, Inc.



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